About us

Friends of Bathurst Basin (FOBB)  is a community group set up in May 2019 and formally constituted on 13th June 2019. The aim of FOBB is to be a special interest group to preserve, develop and enhance Bathurst Basin where people live, work and enjoy leisure activities.

The Committee

Chair: Richard Finch, chair@fobb.org.uk
Secretary: Jan Walsh, secretary@fobb.org.uk
Membership secretary: David Demery, info@fobb.org.uk

Area reps:
Bathurst Parade, Ian McGregor
Iron Foundry, Rod Mackrill
The General, Steve Maggs
Cabot Cruising Club, Ben Ewing

Bathurst Basin community life


Bathurst Basin is overlooked by a number of fine residences, including the General, the Iron Foundry and Byzantine Court.

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Bathurst Basin is much used for kayakers, canoists and paddle-boarders and is home to Cabot Cruising Club, which manages the marina.

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Bathurst Basin is overlooked by a number of businesses including restaurants, pubs, a dental practice and a gym.

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