Bathurst Basin signs

Two signs are now in prominent positions around Bathurst Basin: the Lower Guinea Street sign on the pedestrian bridge close to the Ostrich Inn and the restored road sign for the John Sebastian Quay.

Lower Guinea Street footbridge

Thanks to FOBB chairman Richard Finch and, especially, Eric Dougall  of Bristol City Council Docks Estates Office, the pedestrian swing bridge at the entrance to Bathurst Basin now has a name and two signs, one at each of the bridge entrances. The black metal railings on which the signs are attached will be repainted in the near future.

Sadly within hours of its installation, one sign was defaced,  but thanks to our chairman’s cleaning effort, it was quickly restored to its original condition – one of the challenges of living in a central city location.

John Sebastian Quay

After an absence of a few years stored in a safe place during construction work, the road sign for the John Sebastian Quay has been restored.

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