Ebenhaezer meeting

Bristol City Councillors Paul Smith and Kye Dudd were invited to meet a group of Bathurst Basin stakeholders concerned about the proposed move of the Ebenhaezer to a mooring on the Lower Guinea Street quay. Present were residents of Bathurst Parade, the General and the Iron Foundry, a representative of the Welsh Back Association, a City and Country representative, some boat owners from Cabot Cruising Club, and Paco Sanchez-Iglesias (representing Casamia and Paco Tapas).

Councillor Paul Smith outlined the history behind the proposed move. Those present expressed strong concerns about the suitability of Bathurst Basin for such a large vessel when there are more appropriate residential moorings in the main harbour. Sympathy was expressed for the owner of the Ebenhaezer who does not wish to move from the current mooring.

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