The Marina

The marina in Bathurst Basin is run by Cabot Cruising Club who provided the answers to these questions:

  • How marine berths do you provide? 46 berths for club vessels.
  • Are there length, beam, draft restrictions? Aside from the 5 narrowboats on the Merchant Landing Quay, vessels aside the pontoons would need to be around 12 meters or under in length, no height restriction, no beam restriction albeit a 12 meter vessel will not have excessive beam. Likewise, draft will be within limits on a vessel this size.
  • What utilities are provided? The club provides power and water to its moored vessels. Sewage waste disposal is either a pump-out facility at Bristol Marina or emptying of toilet cassettes at the City Council toilet block on our quayside.
  • Are there showers? Yes, there is a shower in each of the toilets in the City Council run block on the quayside in the car park. Rather dated though!
  • Are there storage rooms? Not for berth holders.
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