Guinea Street ash tree – again

Hugh and Judith Pratt have made a second attempt to have permission to fell the attractive mature ash tree on Guinea Street. Their first attempt was based on the state of the wall alongside the tree. Their application was refused because the poor condition of the wall was unrelated to the presence of the tree. This second application to fell the tree is based on the presence of ash dieback in the tree. On 26th January 2024 arboricultural consultant Chris Wright submitted a report on the tree based on his examination of it in June 2022. His report stated that he was ‘informed that the foliage of the tree was sparse last year’ and this was presumably a key part his ash dieback assessment. The image above showing the tree in full leaf was taken in June 2023; that below in May 2023. It would be reasonable to expect a more recent assessment of the tree’s condition in the spring or summer months.

Hugh Pratt has already felled five healthy protected ash trees along Commercial Road without planning permission. He should not be given permission to do any further unnecessary harm to trees that remain standing in our area.

In the refusal of Dr Pratt’s first application, the case officer described the tree as having ‘significant amenity value in the local area.’ There were 29 objections to the first application.

If you would like to comment on the application visit the Bristol City Council planning search webpage and search using the planning application number 24/00076/VP.

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