Harbour dangers

Many enjoy water sports in Bathurst Basin and many come to the Basin to catch the late sunshine and have a drink at the quayside. Notices recently posted by the Royal Lifesaving Society  (RLSS) remind visitors of the dangers of injury or drowning in the Basin’s cold water, especially after drinking. The RLSS declared a ‘Drowning Prevention Week’ (18 -25 June) to raise awareness and encourage the public to enjoy water safely.

RLSS report that there have been 70 water-related incidents in Bristol over last 2 years, 25 of which resulted in serious injury or death. They also report that 60% of victims who had drowned had been drinking alcohol. Recently there was a drowning at the entrance to Bathurst Basin. According to the National Water Safety Forum Database there were 2 accidental drownings in Bristol over the past 2 years, 8 over the past 5 years and 12 over six years.

We want you to enjoy Bathurst Basin but do be aware of the general risks when close to water. It is important to check where the life rings are to assist anyone who has entered the water.  Also be reminded that a defibrillator is located in the General should this be needed.

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