Harbour Place Shaping Vision

On behalf of Bristol City Council, engineering and consultancy firm Arup are progressing work on a Biodiversity Work Package to inform the Bristol Harbour Place Shaping Vision due to be commissioned later this year. As part of this work, Friends of Bathurst Basin were invited to a workshop to discuss the draft findings of this work package so far and FOBB Chairman Richard Finch attended. Arup hoped that the workshop, held on 10th February, would allow them to incorporate local ecological knowledge and biodiversity aspirations of key stakeholders.

Richard was able to raise some key areas of interest to FOBB, including the importance of clearing harbour rubbish more often, the resumption of water quality testing in Bathurst Basin and the need for better emergency services for incidents in the harbour.

Objectives of the Work Package

  1. Inclusive destination: Create a place that is inclusive and accessible to all, ensuring that the Harbour becomes a loved and celebrated local asset to residents from all parts of the city.
  2. Balancing needs: Promote the use of the waterspace and associated public realm, successfully balancing the diverse needs of different users, including biodiversity.
  3. Sense of place: Create a strong ‘sense of place’ which respects the harbour’s rich heritage, links its natural green spaces and brings life and vitality to the waterfront.
  4. Sustainable regeneration: Balance commercial and public benefit to ensure sustainable and inclusive renewal of the harbour for generations to come.
  5. Attract investment: Create a strong business case that can support funding bids to deliver the necessary investment in the harbour over the next 20 years

Voscur Research

Friends of Bathurst Basin were also approached by the support and development agency Voscur who were analysing the use of Bristol’s green spaces in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Voscur-University of Bristol report cites with approval the way we worked with the city council to erect signs across the Lower Guinea Street footbridge at the entrance to Bathurst Basin.

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