Impact of COVID-19 on Bathurst Basin

The impact of COVID-19 and the steps taken by the government to protect the community are very visible around Bathurst Basin. The public car park remains empty for much of the day and the number of people commuting through the area has dropped off considerably.  There is less air pollution and residents can now hear song birds preparing for Spring.

At 8pm on 26th March, along with millions elsewhere in the UK, Bathurst Basin residents appeared in doorways, windows and balconies to clap, cheer, blow horns, and bang on saucepans as a demonstration of our gratitude to the National Health Service.

The following Bathurst Basin companies have had to close for at least 3 weeks:

  • The Louisiana
  • The Ostrich
  • Casamia
  • Third Place
  • Paco Tapaz
  • Torque Gym
  • Cabot Lightship


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