Latest water quality tests

Monthly surface water quality testing in Bathurst Basin seems now to have been restored. FOBB considers testing water in the Basin to be important given the regular use of the Basin for leisure activities. The latest test results supports our view that regular water quality testing in Bathurst Basin should not be discontinued. According to the City Council website:

“If E.Coli levels go above 5000 counts per 100ml at the Baltic Wharf site or across all other sites, a warning notice will be displayed on this website and at Baltic Wharf, outside the Harbour Master’s Office. You should avoid using the harbour during this time.”

On 17th December 2019 the E-Coli reading at Baltic Wharf was 2,750 CFU, well below the threshold. In Bathurst Basin on the same day, the reading was 6,440 CFU, well above the threshold.  Water quality in the Basin is currently tested at monthly intervals. In the summer months, when there are more leisure activities in the Basin, a case could be made for more frequent tests.

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