Letter from the Mayor

On 29th June we wrote to Mayor Marvin Rees objecting to the move of the Ebenhaezer to Bathurst Basin on several grounds. Use this link to view the letter we wrote.

We received this reply from the Mayor on 29th July:

“Dear Friends of Bathurst Basin

“Thank you for your letter of 27th June. Please excuse the delay in my responding, however the situation was changing and I wanted to be able to confirm the situation.

“You may have seen reports about how the Council has now taken action to acquire the barge, securing the much needed development of the O&M sheds. This was necessary to allow Cordwell group to repair a long derelict site in central Bristol, as well as secure the council a capital receipt and rental income.

“I am pleased that this also means that the barge will not need to relocate to the Bathurst basin. I hope this satisfies your members, and of course has made most of your questions unnecessary.

“I appreciate the serious concerns you had about the impact it might have had on the Bathurst basin, and I can understand why residents and businesses signed the petition. However, given the responsibilities we have to maintain a functioning, and safe, waterway the council ultimately must reserve the right to manage the harbour in the way deemed necessary by the harbourmaster.


Marvin Rees
Mayor of Bristol”

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