Lower Guinea Street work

City & Country (C&C) have advised residents recently that they were unable to complete the steps leading down to Lower Guinea Street from the landscaped podium, as the section of Lower Guinea Street that the stairs discharge onto is a Bristol City Council adoptable footpath/highway.

As an adopted footpath/highway the details of the works required in this area were submitted to the City Council’s Highways Department for formal approval in December 2017.

In June 2018 it was agreed that the highways works should recommence as soon as possible whilst the final technical details are resolved.

C&C are currently in the process of ordering the relevant materials, but the final timescale for opening this area cannot yet be confirmed.  The black hoardings are being replaced by aluminium fencing and work has begun to prepare the site.

C&C have been repairing the corner of Lower Guinea Street and re-laying the stone blocks..

It’s good to see the final phase to open Lower Guinea Street. We look forward to seeing the final stage, which will ease pedestrian traffic and enhance access to our exciting high quality restaurants, pubs and gym.

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