Railway Cutting development: update Feb 2024

The residents of Barossa Place and Alfred Place are seeking additional financial support to prevent an unwelcome development on the Redcliffe railway cutting, owned by Hugh Pratt. Their solicitor had written to the land owner threatening court action but the owner is not withdrawing his application to obstruct light to Barossa Place.

The residents are hoping to take the matter further with their solicitor, employ a barrister and prepare court proceedings against the land owner. They estimate that the fees for this next stage of legal action would be around £9,600 to employ an experienced barrister to prepare court proceedings. Residents have agreed to fund two thirds of the legal costs themselves, and they are asking for the final third of the costs from other concerned local residents.

This is the Gofundme page to support these residents.

Update March

Barossa Place resident James Coleman has informed us that ‘a highly respected barrister, Tom Weekes KC, is due to take on this case and prepare the court proceedings for issue to the other side. This is a very good outcome, as Tom is experienced in this area of law, and has also co-authored a book on rights of light. He recently succeeded in a very high profile case in the Supreme Court.’

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