Sanchez Group Restaurants

There have been interesting developments involving the Sanchez Group Restaurants along Lower Guinea Street. Nestled between Casamia and Paco Tapas, the Pi Shop has changed its name to ‘The Shop’, with a new focus and menu. According to director Sue Sanchez-Iglesias, The Shop offers ‘dining in a relaxed, snug environment with a menu that creates the unexpected from the familiar.’ She continues: ‘there are two ways of ordering, either choose your own dishes or we offer “The Shop’s pick” tasting menu with a selection of small plates and pizzas, with seasonal cocktails, craft beers and organic wines.’

Casamia restaurant has also radically changed its style. Since he took over last year, head chef Zak Hitchman has made changes to the food, service and ambience of the Michelin-star restaurant. According to the Bristol Post, he has introduced ‘upbeat modern jazz played through a specially designed sound system, graffiti-style street art on the walls and even garnishing dishes with Wallace and Gromit toys.’ According to the Post, Hitchman has described the new Casamia as ‘less of a restaurant, more of a weird gig with food’.

Local residents have for some time expressed concerns over the noise level and licencing hours observed by Paco Tapas. Sue Sanchez-Iglesias has proposed a regular meeting with Bathurst Basin residents who have felt that their concerns have not been taken seriously by Sanchez Group staff. Hopefully regular meetings will help the Sanchez restaurants operate harmoniously in the Basin.

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