State of Commercial Road

For some time we have been concerned about the state of the drains along Commercial Road and have raised the issue with the Council. We have received this response from the Highway Drainage section:

We have had the problem gullies and the pipe at Commercial Road CCTV surveyed late in 2022. Our senior engineer has drawn up the repair scheme which was issued to our contractors but they chose to reject the work. We are now in the position of management procuring new contractors. As soon as they are appointed we have list of repairs to various gullies and pipework and Commercial Road will be undertaken then. Please rest assured this flood issue here is on our radar and not being ignored.

There is a further problem with Commercial Road along the bridge close to the Louisiana Pub. The top tarmac surface is breaking away from the steel decking into sheets of tarmac which are then being broken up by passing traffic (image below).

An anonymous post by a cyclist on Fix my Streets stated

This is still getting worse and feels unstable for cycling, there are whole loose layers of surfacing unpredictability sliding around on top of each other. The other day some bits of it flew up and hit me in the eye! Regardless of resurfacing work it would help a lot if the road could just literally be *swept* to remove the loose material?

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