Casamia ninth in Good Food Guide

Bathurst Basin’s own Michelin-star restaurant, Casamia on Lower Guinea Street, has been placed ninth of all UK restaurants in the most recent Good Food Guide 2020. This is a major achievement for Peter Sanchez-Iglesias and his team.

The Guide awards  restaurants scores of between 1 and 10, but simply being awarded an entry is a significant achievement.  More than 1,200 restaurants were scored by The Good Food Guide 2000.  The following link lists the Guide’s top 50 restaurants

Casamia was awarded a score of 9. The criterion for this score is: ‘cooking that has reached a pinnacle of achievement. A hugely memorable experience.’ The following link gives more reasons for the award. Casamia’s sister restaurant on Lower Guinea Street, Paco Tapas, was awarded a score of 5, ‘exact cooking techniques, balance of depth and flavour. A degree of ambition’.


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