City & Country Signs

We objected to City & Country advertising boards on the vegetated corner plot of Guinea Street and Lower Guinea Street. City & Country explained that the signs were justified as there were unsold apartments in the General. City Council planning consent was given ‘on a temporary basis’ and the signs were to be removed on or before the end of May 2022. If all the apartments were sold prior to this date, ‘the signs must be removed at this earlier point.’

The signs – advertising City & Country Factory No 1 properties in North Street – are still with us, ten months past the Council deadline. And the hoardings have been refreshed with new images and text. We have written to the Council, our local Counsellors and City & Country pointing out the latter’s failure to comply.

Update 16th May 2023: we received an apology from the City Council Planning Enforcement department. They ‘are still in the process of getting the signage removed and hope to have achieved this aim in the next two weeks.’

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