Lower Guinea Street signs

Planning permission has been sought for three advertising panels on the corner of Guinea Street and Lower Guinea Street: Planning reference: 20/02311/A. Planning permission lapsed on 1st December 2019 and City and Country (C&C) only applied for a retrospective extension of permission on 1st June 2020.

Friends of Bathurst Basin objects to the retrospective planning application for the following reasons:

  1. Most if not all of the apartments in the General, the Iron Foundry and Edward Extension have been sold. Such prominent advertising outside the General is not necessary.
  2. One of the posters concerns C&C development in Bedminster and has nothing to do with the developments around Bathurst Basin.
  3. This is a conservation area and the signs dominate an attractive quayside which is popular with tourists. The presence of three substantial and unnecessary advertising panels is highly intrusive.
  4. A request to leave the signs here for another 2 years is totally unacceptable.

1 thought on “Lower Guinea Street signs”

  1. 100% agree. There is a lot of C&C advertising still around The General. It should be restricted to the unsold wing and their site office. There are still redundant signs attached to the public lampposts as well

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