Dredging in Bathurst Basin

The Floating Harbour has sediment settling all the time. The Harbour Office arranges regular surveys and dredging for maintenance every 3 – 4 years. The deployment of the vessel ‘Intervention’ (our featured image) into Bathurst Basin was a charter to survey the basin bottom and to dredge shallow areas.

Tony Moore (Deputy Harbour Master) has confirmed to us that there are no plans to use the quayside in Bathurst Basin alongside Lower Guinea Street to moor vessels.

The e-coli readingĀ  in the Basin rose alarmingly on 1st November to 16,000 counts per 100ml and to 21,100 in Baltic Wharf, probably due to substantial rainfall around this time. Readings this high are very unusual – a reading of 5,000 counts per 100ml at the Baltic Wharf will lead to warning notices being displayed.

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