e-Scooters and the Basin

Love them or loathe them, e-Scooters are a low-carbon and convenient way to travel in our towns and cities.  The salmon pink Voi scooters dotted around the streets of Bristol are part of a trial of their use run by the West of England Combined Authority. Many believe that the regulations that control their use are being widely ignored – for example ‘Never ride an e-scooter on the pavement’. Nevertheless, Mayor Marvin Rees expects them to become a permanent feature of Bristol.

Visitors to Bathurst Basin seem increasingly to get here by e-Scooter, as our images (above and below) of parked scooters in the Basin car park illustrate. This must be good news for Bathurst Basin businesses, especially pubs and restaurants and far better for the environment than travelling here by car.

E-scooters parked alongside the Basin at night as riders enjoy food and drink at one of the Basin’s many restaurants and pubs.



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