Reed beds installed

The long-awaited reed beds have been installed in Bathurst Basin by Simon Thurgood (in the centre)  and his colleague from Aquascience Ltd (a company specialising in river, lake and wetland restoration based in Ampfield in Hampshire). Friends of Bathurst Basin thank Jan Walsh (on right of image) for overseeing this project, the Eardstapa Trust for funding it and the Avon Wildlife Trust and the Bristol Harbourmaster’s office for their support.

Aquascience Ltd had previously installed reed beds in Hanover Quay and Henleaze Swimming Lake. Reed beds (and kingfisher perches) in Bathurst Basin were first suggested in Bristol City Council’s 2009 biodiversity report (PDF). In February 2020, Bristol City Council was the first council to declare an ecological emergency. So we are delighted to have made an important contribution to making the Floating Harbour a better habitat for wildlife.

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