Harbour in phased re-opening

Harbour users have also been subject to lockdown regulations that are being gradually relaxed. The change in regulations is being organised in phases:

Phase 1, 8th June 2020: only members from recognised clubs using manually propelled craft and sailing dinghies were able to navigate the harbour.

Phase 2, 29th June 2020: all manually propelled craft were allowed to navigate the harbour. The only slipway open is the one located by the Harbour Office – hence the blockage remains on the slipway close to Bathurst Basin.

Phase 3, 6th July 2020: all permanent leisure berth holders are now able to use the harbour.

Phase 4, date to be announced: the harbour will reopen fully.

The Harbour’s notice to mariners strikes a cautionary note on these phases: ‘Advancement through to phase 4 will be subject to continued Government relaxation of restrictions and improvement in the local and national situation regarding Covid-19.’

Recognized commercial operators in the harbour have to contact the Harbour Office to discuss the start of their operations on the water.

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