John Sebastian going red

On the evening of the 6th July you may have wondered why the John Sebastian was redder than usual. Briony Pope informed us that this was because they were taking part in the national  #LightItInRed campaign.

A red Louisiana

Since early March, Cabot Cruising Club and the Lightship Theatre have been without income from any events, due to the COVID-19 crisis, and still all parties, plays, gigs etc are prohibited. So on a July evening the ship joined the Louisiana and many other venues across Bristol as part of this national event. UK theatres, concert halls, clubs, conference centres etc lit their buildings in red in order to draw attention to the serious situation in the event industry.

The aim is to raise awareness and make a statement that can’t be ignored about the venues that are closed and the hundreds of thousands of people who are losing their jobs.

Read more about the LightItInRead campaign.

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