City & Country apply again

City & Country (C&C) seem determined to keep their unwelcome display boards on the attractive corner plot of Guinea Street and Lower Guinea Street.  These display boards have a long history:

  • January 2017: C&C apply for permission for the boards.
  • February 2017: planning permission granted for the period up to December 2019.
  • December 2019: signs not removed.
  • June 2020: C&C apply for retrospective permission for the signs to remain.
  • July 2020: permission granted ‘on a temporary basis’ and the signs to be removed by the end of May 2022 or earlier if the flats in the General were all sold.
  • May 2022: signs not removed.
  • December 2023: C&C apply for retrospective permission for the signs to remain until December 2025.

This displays an extraordinary failure of C&C to follow simple planning regulations and the difficulties faced by Bristol’s Planning Enforcement Team when seeking to enforce the most straightforward of planning instructions. C&C justified the original boards because apartments in the General were unsold. As they are all sold, C&C now wish the boards to remain until until ‘all of the residential units within the nearby development at Factory No.1 in Bedminster have been sold’. Bristol City planners originally gave permission for advertising boards displaying unsold units in the General. C&C should move these boards to a location nearer Factory No.1 and restore this attractive corner plot for residents and visitors to enjoy.

If you wish to comment on C&C’s application, visit Bristol City Planning website and search for application 23/04797/A.

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