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A Bristol City Council website has been set up ‘to capture requests for walking and cycling improvements during this COVID19 pandemic.’ One submission proposed the following change of access to the Ostrich footbridge:

“The connection to the footbridge from Guinea St is very poor. Remove the steps and create a straightforward path to the bridge to avoid tight angle turns and adverse camber. Would be much better for wheelchairs, cycles, and people walking.”

This suggestion would remove a piece of the heritage dockside railway platform. It would also allow cyclists to cross the narrow footbridge without slowing down. Whilst there are thoughtful cyclists, there are many who are not.  We posted the following comment on the Council’s site:

“Friends of Bathurst Basin see no reason to change access to the Ostrich footbridge. The current layout forces cyclists to slow down before crossing a narrow pedestrian bridge. There is sufficient access for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users.”

3 thoughts on “Footbridge access”

  1. Marjorie Bates

    I agree with the above comments. I am happy with the bridge as it is. It gives the public an opportunity to be courteous to others
    by giving way when necessary. It works very well – why change it?

  2. Jonathan Taylor

    Would even favour something to slow cyclists down at the other end of the footbridge (as exists elsewhere on the harbourside) as many pick up speed hurtling down Bathurst parade from The Louisiana.

  3. I regularly cross the bridge on my electric wheelchair and it’s fine since they resurfaced it a year ago. It used to be very bumpy now it’s smooth. The barriers in front of the Ostrich make it difficult to get off as now can’t go straight on and the right turn has very steep camber not good for wheelchairs. I hope that will soon be removed then no problem.
    Irene Robinson

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