Security fence application refused

The planning application for security fencing on a section of the Avon New Cut along Commercial Road has been refused. Two community groups objected to the application (ourselves and the Redcliffe West Residents’ Association) and eighteen objections were received from members of the public. The grounds for refusal were:

  • The proposed development would be out of scale and context with the Conservation Area and as such would fail to preserve or enhance its character. The site is within the Redcliffe and City Docks Conservation Areas.
  • The proposed development is insufficiently justified to warrant the loss of six trees and would therefore have an unacceptable impact on green infrastructure.
  • The proposed development fails to provide safe and adequate access to the site.

The separate application to fell five ash trees on the same site is still pending. Given the Planning Officer’s reasons to refuse the security fencing application, this second application looks likely to fail.

For more details read the Planning Officer’s report (PDF).

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