Security fencing along Commercial Road

Bristol City Council is seeking planning permission to erect security fencing along the edge of the New Cut to the south of Commercial Road. Starting roughly opposite the Lower Guinea Street junction, the proposed security fencing  runs westwards towards the Bathurst Basin road bridge by the Marchioness building. FOBB has formally objected to the proposal – view our submission.

The scheme is part of an agreement between Bristol City Council and the owner of the Marchioness Building (Dr Pratt) when land was acquired by the Council to facilitate the Metrobus route.

We raise a number of concerns about the proposal, including:

  • The additional fencing will substantially affect the views across the Avon New Cut.
  • The site is located between three conservation areas (City Docks, Redcliffe and Bedminster) and the proposal does nothing to enhance these zones – rather it ‘industrialises’ them.
  • If the Council is obliged by its agreement with Dr Pratt to provide the Marchioness with perimeter fencing, this need only run westwards from the Marchioness entrance.
  • The proposed fencing that runs to the east of the Marchioness entrance involves the removal of established trees and would have a damaging effect on the area’s biodiversity. The proposal describes the affected trees to be ‘of  low value’. Whatever their commercial value, they are healthy, growing trees that need protection.

Comments can be submitted on the proposal before 4th October 2022. Here is a link to the Council’s planning search page. The planning application’s number is 22/02909/FB.


Condemned trees along Commercial Road



2 thoughts on “Security fencing along Commercial Road”

  1. There is no need to change the existing fencing or to remove established trees. I cannot see any value in changing the fencing as the existing style is adequate for the location.

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